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Local, Direct, Community-led

Every Agents of Change grant creates space for the people closest to the problem to identify community needs, and then design and implement unique solutions – small-scale, local solutions that change the world.

How does it work?

  1. 1. Together, the people closest to the problem identify a community need,
  2. 2. Craft a proposal for access to a $500 grant from their local Unbound office,
  3. 3. And work together to put their plan into action.


Before and After

Building Bridges

Nourishing Communities

From handwashing stations to soccer fields to roads, more than one thousand Agents of Change initiatives have been completed worldwide addressing the unique needs of local groups.

The result? Safer, healthier and more productive communities like the ones who benefited from these initiatives:

Bathroom icon

Honduras: A sanitary, working school bathroom gives all day access to education for local children.

Shelter icon

India: A new well cover now safeguards a community’s water source.

Light bulb icon

Philippines: Street lighting has transformed a dark neighborhood into a secure place to live and work.


Your gift allows families to stretch beyond reducing poverty in their own lives to transforming the communities in which they live and work. Right now, communities around the world are eager to self-organize and create change. You can be the fuel.

Are you ready to join Unbound's Agents of Change?