The gift of brighter futures

Expanding education access in the developing world reduces global poverty, but tuition and supplies are expensive. The Unbound Scholarship Program can be the difference for students who feel forced to choose between continuing in school or dropping out due to challenges like:

  • • Lack of access to remote learning technology
  • • Limited earning opportunities to pay for school expenses
  • • Pressure to drop out of school to provide immediate financial support to their families

Students who receive assistance through the Unbound Scholarship Program can continue pursuing higher education, the key to a path out of poverty.

How It Works

Both sponsored and non-sponsored students can apply for scholarships, and scholars may use funds to cover tuition, books, transportation, technology or any resources necessary to continue their education. In turn, scholars are required to:

Good grades
Maintain good grades
Community service
Participate in community service
Role model
Serve as positive role models