Unbound is currently responding to two natural disasters affecting families in our program. Read about the torrential rains and floods that are displacing families in Kenya and how Typhoon Ewiniar has destroyed and damaged homes in the Philippines.

The Critical Needs Fund provides relief in situations like:

  • • Health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic
  • • Family crises resulting in lack of shelter, loss of income or serious medical needs
  • • The aftermath of natural disasters like earthquakes, severe storms and fires

Helping Hannah rebuild

Sponsored youth Hannah (right) with her mother, Estrella, from the Philippines received Critical Needs funds to rebuild their home when a fire broke out in their neighborhood in August 2021, reducing their home and 15 others to ash. “I am crying out of happiness,” said Hannah’s mother, Estrella. “Without Unbound, we don’t know where we get money to rebuild our home.”

Securing Esther’s home

Members of the local Unbound parent group and an Unbound social worker had concerns about the safety of sponsored elder Esther's tin and clay home in Kenya, and secured assistance from the Critical Needs Fund for the construction of a new home. “Now, I am just happy. I don’t want to talk much. If I continue talking, I might cry because I never thought I would ever sleep somewhere like this,” Esther said. “May you [Unbound] and all your household be blessed,” she said.

Investing in Alejandra’s business

Alejandra, the mother of two children sponsored through Unbound in the Dominican Republic, earns income by running a convenience store out of her home in a small town. When COVID-19 hit at the same time her husband became sick and unable to work, Alejandra received help through the Critical Needs Fund to maintain her business.