Give students a gift that will last a lifetime with Global Classmates

Designed especially for Catholic schools, our Global Classmates program offers your students the opportunity to form a friendship with a student across the world while participating in the Church’s social mission. They’ll grow in compassion as they learn about other cultures and gain a global perspective.

Nurture the leaders of tomorrow

Catholic education builds leaders for the future. Through Global Classmates, students learn that they can change the world — one child, one family, one community at a time. Students develop empathy and a heart for serving the poor. As they correspond with their new friend, they learn how their lives are different and similar, and they grow with their friend while putting the tenets of Catholic social teaching into action. This experience helps young people develop into responsible, caring, faith-filled adults.

Global Classmates supports educators

Our program enriches curriculums and instills the values of Catholic social teaching like:

  • • Respecting the dignity of all people

  • • Loving our neighbors wherever they may be

  • • Prioritizing the needs of the poor and vulnerable

  • • Growing in community and solidarity with others

How it works

Select a child icon
A class sponsors a student who needs support to create a path out of poverty.
Letter writing icon
The class and sponsored student get to know each other through letters and photos.
Contribute Icon
The sponsored student and their family get support for education and other needs.
See them grow icon
A bond of respect develops as students expand their worlds and "walk together" in faith and hope.

Supporting your sponsorship

Choose the best way to contribute the $40 monthly cost to sponsor your students’ new friend.

  • • Each child in the class can give a small amount.
  • • The class can host a fundraiser — Unbound has some fun ideas!
  • • An individual, business or parish organization can be an “angel donor.”

Inquire about available seed funding from generous Unbound benefactors to get your classroom sponsorship started!

Bring Global Classmates to Catholic schools

Give to expand the reach of Global Classmates in schools seeking funding.

Your gift in any amount supports the program for Catholic students in the U.S. while providing a student across the world with the opportunity to build a path out of poverty.

Easy-to-use resources for teachers

We can help your students learn and develop a curiosity about other people and places through our lessons, fun activities, videos and prayers for all grade levels in a variety of subjects:

  • • Religion
  • • Art and music
  • • Language arts
  • • Physical education
  • • Social studies


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