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Unbound was founded by lay Catholics and is grounded in Catholic social teaching to put the needs of the vulnerable first. Answer the Gospel call to walk in solidarity with those in need by joining our community. 

Our Catholic parish visit program

When you invite an Unbound priest to your parish, you open a new world of awareness and service for your parishioners. Our priests celebrate the Eucharist, preach the Word and share the invitation to connect with Christ within the poor — all while providing much-needed time off for busy pastors.

• There is no cost to your parish, no envelopes are left and no collection is taken.
• All of our priests are in good standing with their bishops and religious superiors.
• Spanish-speaking bilingual priests are available.

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“I am pleased to endorse this ministry and proud to belong to their community of sponsors. I would encourage any pastor to invite a priest from Unbound to his parish, as I would any member of the Catholic faithful to become a sponsor.”

– Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas and Unbound sponsor

Our preaching team

Since 1991, our team of dedicated priests have preached on our behalf in parishes across the U.S., offering a concrete and viable way for Catholics to live out their faith by partnering with a child, youth or elder on their path out of poverty.

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