July 26, 2023 | Supporters

Life-changing Impact

Annual report highlights the positive effects Unbound supporters have when they partner with people in poverty

By Loretta Shea Kline

Unbound supporters make a direct impact in the lives of individuals and families around the world that are creating their paths out of poverty.

The extent of that impact is highlighted in Unbound’s recently published 2022 Annual Report. The report is available online, and a printed version is being mailed to supporters.

In a message introducing the annual report, Chief Financial Officer Martin Kraus said the report shows the effectiveness of support provided by those who partner with Unbound to sponsor a child, youth or elder or donate to the organization’s programs.

“This report — expanded and with greater detail than before — offers evidence of our stewardship,” Kraus said. “Just as importantly, it serves as a testament to the effectiveness of your generous support.”


Sponsored child Johnscan helps with chores by washing dishes at home in the Philippines. Assistance from Unbound’s Critical Needs Fund helped Johnscan’s family bring electricity to their home.

Funds provide cash assistance, programs for individuals and families

The annual report was published following the Unbound Governing Board’s June 2023 meeting where the board approved 2022 financial statements, including the annual audit report conducted by an independent auditor and IRS 990 filings required by the federal government.

Highlights of the annual report include a breakdown of expenses for programs (91.4%), fundraising (4.8%) and administration (3.8%).

In 2022, Unbound disbursed more than $115 million in aid to its programs around the world. The funds provided direct cash assistance to individuals and families, in addition to covering costs of local programs that give critical support.


Sponsored elder Lolita (right), 95, is pictured with her daughter Ana outside her home in the Philippines. Lolita collects and sells scrap materials to earn income and enjoys taking morning walks.

Supporters' impact is global, local, personal

Featuring striking visuals of individuals and families from around the world, the annual report provides a snapshot of the life-changing impact supporters had at a global, local and personal level.

Globally, 268,723 sponsored children, youth and elders in 430 communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America participated in Unbound programs. The transformational relationships formed between sponsored friends and their sponsors were nurtured through a total of 723,488 letters that were exchanged.

Locally, 11,965 small groups in communities around the world empowered parents to build strong support networks. The groups encourage a culture of parents helping parents, where members can take advantage of income-generating opportunities such as starting or boosting a small business or participating in a cooperative.

On a personal level, the support provided through Unbound is customized to each sponsored individual and family’s specific needs. Social workers make home visits to discuss progress families are making toward goals the families set to overcome their distinct challenges.


Sponsored youth and Unbound scholarship student Evelyn stands in the doorway of her home in Guatemala. As a scholarship program participant, Evelyn volunteers service hours to tutor children and help mothers in her community review letters the children write to their Unbound sponsors.

Myriad ways to make a difference

A section of the report entitled “Solidarity in Action” emphasizes four primary ways Unbound sponsors and donors make an impact in the lives of individuals and families in poverty. They include child and elder sponsorship, the Unbound Scholarship Program, Agents of Change grants and the Critical Needs Fund.

A section entitled “Did You Know?” addresses additional ways supporters help through employer matching gifts, planned giving and the Global Classmates program for Catholic schools.

The report also includes testimonials from members of the Unbound community, along with Unbound’s mission statement, core values, governing board listing and top ratings from independent charity evaluators.


Sister Betty Namwazi takes a walk outside the school in Uganda where she is headmistress. Sister Betty was sponsored through Unbound as a child and now teaches and mentors girls from underprivileged backgrounds.

In their own words

A testimonial from sponsored youth Moses in Kenya went to the heart of the impact his sponsor’s support has made in his life.

“Some people assume it’s normal to wake up every day and go to school or get a meal,” Moses said. “[It] is not easy, but Unbound made it possible for me, for me to get where I am. … I’ve gotten an education that will help me and the community and other people in general. … To [my sponsor] Margaret … thank you so much for making me who I am since I was young until now.”

Sponsor Cheryl from Kansas shared how the experience of connecting with someone in another part of the world affected her.

“The opportunity to sponsor came at a very difficult time in my life,” she said. “It has had a very healing impact on me. I loved the letters and photos. I have always kept a picture of her [my sponsored friend] on my refrigerator. Thank you so much!”

Read the full 2022 Annual Report.

This report — expanded and with greater detail than before — offers evidence of our stewardship. Just as importantly, it serves as a testament to the effectiveness of your generous support.

— Martin Kraus, Chief Financial Officer, Unbound