November 09, 2022 | Disaster Response

Keeping Crisis At Bay

In times of unexpected need, Unbound provides support for families

By Danika Wolf and Larry Livingston

For families struggling to rise out of poverty, there’s a thin margin between survival and catastrophe. Their ability to earn a living often depends on conditions beyond their control, and no matter how hard they work, many are never more than a few days away from destitution.

That’s how it was for Alejandra, the mother of two children sponsored through Unbound. She earns income by running a convenience store out of her home in a small town in the Dominican Republic. But when COVID-19 hit at the same time Alejandra’s husband became sick and unable to work, the impact on the family could have been devastating.

Fortunately, Alejandra received help through Unbound’s Critical Needs Fund, which provides support for families in times of crisis.

Watch the video below to meet Alejandra and learn more about her story.