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FEATURED VIDEO: Unbound kids being kids


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FEATURED VIDEO: How to make ‘Atol ’ corn drink with an indigenous mayan mother

A glimpse of real life

Time to put those leftover tortillas to good use! Unbound Regional Reporter Oscar Tuch takes us inside his mother's kitchen near Lake Atitlán in Guatemala where we get a close-up look at how she makes Atol, a hearty Mayan drink. Oscar’s mom, 64-year-old Jesus, is an indigenous Mayan who was born amidst poverty and grew up eating tortillas only for dinner. She learned early on, "We do not throw away the leftover tortillas because that would be a sin."

Speaking in her native language of Tzutujil, watch and learn as Jesus grinds tortillas and walks us through her process of making Atol, a traditional drink consumed by Mayan communities all over Guatemala.