Rise and Dream:

A Concert For Peace In A Conflict Zone

Follow the story of 13 teenagers in the Philippines who accept a challenge to learn their own cultural instruments to perform on the biggest stage of their lives. Home to one of the world's oldest documented conflicts, watch as people from diverse religious backgrounds gather in the southern Philippines to help pull off an unprecedented concert in a community whose voice is often muffled by the enduring grip of poverty.

Despite the uncertainties of their daily life, the students in Rise and Dream lead the way as the concert blooms into a celebration and becomes a force for positive change in Zamboanga City.

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"a value-centered view of society and humanity"

— John E. Kearns, Gabriel Awards Chair

Rise and Dream is a 55-minute documentary produced by Unbound, an international nonprofit working side by side with families in need around the world. The featured teens and families in the documentary were members of Unbound’s sponsorship or scholarship programs at the time of the film’s release in 2011.