If we all take care of ourselves now, we will soon get through this situation – Johan, sponsored youth
"If we all take care of ourselves now, we will soon get through this situation." — Sponsored youth Johan (center), pictured with his mom, Teodomira (left), and sister, Andrea, in Mexico.

Unbound program operations overseas have been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period of disruption, Unbound will continue to deliver sponsorship benefits through funds transferred to individual accounts electronically, or benefits will be held for families if banking operations are temporarily halted.

You can help. Donate to Unbound’s Critical Needs Fund and put critical resources in the hands of families severely impacted by COVID-19. Families will receive funds through direct cash transfers.

Critical Needs

What Unbound is doing

  • Gifts to the Critical Needs Fund help families most affected by the COVID-19 crisis through direct cash transfers, which are made to the individual accounts where they already receive the majority of their sponsorship benefits.
  • Our program staffs continue to monitor the situation in each country and offer support to families.
  • All international travel is suspended indefinitely.
  • Visits to sponsored friends on our group awareness trips or through individual sponsor visits are postponed until further notice.
  • The staff at our Kansas City headquarters is working remotely in support of social distancing guidelines.

How you might be affected

  • It's likely you may experience longer hold times when contacting us by phone.
  • Responding to emails from you may take longer than our standard three business days.
  • Photos and letters from sponsored friends, along with general responses from our field staffs, will be delayed.

Things you can do

  • Consider emailing us instead of calling to avoid long wait times on hold.
  • Go online. If you haven’t already, register at Unbound.org where you can manage your account and stay informed.
  • Keep children, elders and families served by Unbound in your thoughts and prayers daily.
  • Give to Unbound's Critical Needs Fund to support families in need through cash transfers.

Lets Walk Together Resource Center

During this time of new challenges and uncertainty, we hope to provide some positivity when we need it most. Venture out with Unbound as we explore other cultures, discover fun activities for families and find inspiration from our community around the world.

Covid-19 Update

Check our Newsroom for the latest updates.

APRIL 8, 2020
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APRIL 8, 2020
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MARCH 18, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic is causing significant concerns and disruptions around the world, including many countries where Unbound sponsors and families served by our programs live. During times of crisis, populations with limited resources, like the families of children who are sponsored through Unbound, face substantial challenges. READ MORE

Messages of Hope

Unbound families around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but they still have joy to share. We've gathered their messages of hope to share with you.

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Thank you for your support of Unbound at this critical time. Because of caring people like you, families have resources and a supportive community to help them be more resilient and recover in emergencies. Please know of our prayers for you and your loved ones as we walk together through this crisis.