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Meet Salomi

Country: India | Age: 24 | Female

Salomi shows great interest in studying. She wants to become a nurse. She says, "Sponsorship is my hope and strength that will enable me to realize my dream. I would never have even dreamt of ever attending school." Salomi likes singing and participating in her church. Her three younger brothers are living at home with their parents in a mud hut. Salomi is staying at her uncle's house, which is closer to school. Her mother takes care of the house chores. Salomi's father farms a small plot of land. The harvest is used to provide for their most basic needs.
Career Goals:
Medical & Health Services
Date of Graduation:
Anticipated December, 2016*
Favorite school subjects:
Favorite pastimes:
Playing football
March 26, 1990
* Our field staff has estimated this anticipated graduation date to the best of their ability. This date may change due to a variety of circumstances.

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