Learn about the impact of COVID-19 on the global Unbound community.

Invite new supporters

Help us grow the Unbound community! You can make a difference in the lives of families all over the world by inviting friends, family and others to join Unbound.

Invite others to become sponsors

  • Encourage your friends to sponsor online. Make it easy for them by sending them a text or email with this link: www.unbound.org/sponsor
  • Request a profile of someone on our waiting list and find a sponsor for them in your free time.
  • Set up an Empowerment Table in your community to introduce new audiences to the work of Unbound. Consider your local farmer’s markets, libraries, businesses or festivals.
  • Give a presentation to a small group or club you’re involved with. Request an ambassador toolkit for helpful materials!
  • Ask your church leaders to invite an Unbound preacher to your faith community.

Round up some donations

What if someone wants to donate instead of sponsor? That’s great, too! Unbound has several funds that we use to support families, including:

  • Disaster Response

  • Education

  • Health

You can invite donations through a My Outreach page, which allows you to set up your own site with a fundraising goal to share why you love Unbound and make it an easy ask.

Earn reward points

We love it when our supporters help us share the amazing work Unbound is doing, and we want to show our love by donating on your behalf or even sending you to one of the countries where Unbound works. Learn about Unbound Global Points.