November 29, 2022 | Agents of Change

Changing the Future

Unbound’s Agents of Change platform gives communities in poverty the support they need to drive change

At Unbound, solutions to poverty are viewed through the lens of providing families with more choices for how they live, work, learn and drive change in their communities — because those closest to the problem, we believe, are the most effective at solving it.

Unbound’s Agents of Change platform gives choices back to communities in poverty, providing community groups with the opportunity to create and be a part of lasting change.

And how they’re using their power of choice to make their communities better is both astounding and inspiring.

One Unbound mothers group in the Dominican Republic helped enhance the lives of their community’s children and youth by creating a safe space to play. With the support of an Agents of Change grant, they worked with the community to renovate a basketball court that had fallen into disrepair.

Watch the video below to see how their dream became reality, and learn how you can play a part in giving choices back to those in poverty through Agents of Change.