Why should I register?

By registering online, you can easily and securely manage your Unbound account. You can write to and read letters from your sponsored friend, print your sponsored friend’s photo, manage your communication preferences, set up and adjust your contributions, update your contact information and more.

How do I register online?

To set up your account, you’ll need:

• your name as it appears in Unbound's records
• your member ID
• your zip code

You’ll use your email address, create a password, and select a security question and answer.

How do I attach photos to a letter?

You can attach up to four photos, each no larger than 4 MB, to each letter you send through your account online. You’ll be able to browse to a photo on your computer or device or drag and drop the image files into the photo area. Click the “Preview letter”  button to preview your letter and attached photo(s). The photo will be included as part of your letter when you send it. Note: Our program staff may print your letter/photo in black and white to save on printing costs.

Is there a way to view the letters I've sent to my sponsored friend?

We keep records of letters you’ve sent through your online account for 24 months. You can view your letters in the “Correspondence” section of your account.

Oops! I made a mistake in my letter or sent it to the wrong friend! Can I fix it before my friend receives it?

If you submitted your letter but would like to replace it with a new letter, please contact Sponsor Support for assistance. Our team has the ability to delete letters within a certain time frame. After your letter is deleted, you can submit a new letter without it counting toward the limit for letters sent to your friend over a rolling 12-month period.

Where do I update my contact information?

Log in and navigate to the “Profile” section of your account to make changes to your phone number, email or home address.

How do I set up an automatic sponsorship contribution?

The easiest way to edit your payments is through the “Contributions” section of your account and clicking My Commitments. From there, you can adjust your contribution frequency or amounts, turn on or off autopayments, and make other changes.

I received a new credit card/banking account. How do I update my automatic contribution?

If you currently have contributions automatically deducted and your intent is to change the card or account used, visit the My Commitments tab to edit the payment method on the associated commitments and follow the instructions to add the new card or account.

How can I view my recent contributions or annual statements for my tax purposes?

A list of contribution activity for the current and previous years is available on your Giving History page. You can view when a contribution was received, the amount and additional details about what your contribution was for, in addition to viewing, downloading and printing your annual statement.

Where can I see my sponsorship due date?

Easily find your sponsorship due date on the My Commitments tab of the “Contributions” section. Please note that if your sponsorship contribution is being automatically deducted, you’ll see the date of your next scheduled automatic contribution rather than a due date.