For 24 straight hours, video gamer Ravynia livestreamed herself playing her favorite games while talking about the challenges facing her Unbound sponsored friend. She raised more than $1,000 by the end of the night for the Unbound Scholarship Program.

For 24 hours straight, Ravynia broadcasted live from her home in Louisiana, playing video games and sharing about the challenges facing 7-year-old Alan in Uganda. She raised more than $1,000 by the end of the night.

It was Ravynia’s first-ever livestreamed event. Charity streaming is one of the newest ways people are giving back to their favorite nonprofits, and amidst COVID-19, its proving to be a safe way to fundraise while social distancing..

“At a time when it’s easy to shut yourself in and feel powerless, Ravynia turned something she loves into a way to help the people she loves,” said Andrew Kling, community outreach director at Unbound.

Using the livestream fundraising platform Tiltify, viewers engaged with Ravynia in discussions on the cycle of poverty and the power of education — in between games of Apex Predator and Animal Crossing. Ravynia also shared more the nonprofit helping Alan in Uganda. Unbound is an international nonprofit that pairs children in the developing world with sponsors in the United States.

I researched every child sponsorship organization, as it was something I always wanted to do. I selected Unbound because they prioritize helping children with basic living needs like education and medical care first and are inclusive to people of all walks of life.

– Ravynia

Ravynia donated the funds she raised to the Unbound Scholarship Program that gives high school and college-age students a chance to continue their educations and learn valuable skills that make them stand out in a competitive job market.

“Now, I sleep,” said Ravynia, after her 24 hours of activism.

Ravynia was the inaugural streamer to support Unbound on Tiltify. Gamers interested in supporting Unbound’s work around the world can now do so at: