'Sharing the Wisdom of Time'

Unbound collaborates on book for pope

In 2017, Unbound received a request from Loyola Press to collaborate on an exciting project: a book commissioned by Pope Francis to draw attention to the global community of elders who are too often overlooked and forgotten. As an organization that works closely with elders living in poverty around the world, Unbound was a natural collaborator for this extensive project.

Unbound helped gather stories and photos from our sponsored elders on topics ranging from love to health to death. In all, 23 sponsored elders and one staff member from Unbound were included in the pope's book, "Sharing the Wisdom of Time," which was released in October 2018.

"Sharing the Wisdom of Time" by Pope Francis and friends is available to members of the Unbound community for 25 percent off, plus shipping and handling. Visit LoyolaPress.com and use promo code 5015.

Click here for the list of elders featured in the book.