January 2, 2014

CFCA is now called Unbound

Unbound logo

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Christian Foundation for Children and Aging has a new name and look. CFCA is now known as Unbound.

The new name and logo are an expression of our work to help people break through the bonds of poverty.

“We work with families as they strive to achieve self-sufficiency and build strong communities,” President and CEO Scott Wasserman said. “We walk side by side with people who dream of freeing themselves from poverty.

“Unbound sums up our work in one simple and powerful word.”

The organization was founded by ordinary Catholics in 1981 with a Christmas card list and a dream to answer the Gospel call to serve the poor. The dream continues today.

Our name and logo have changed, but our mission and work are the same. We will continue to bring confidence to those who need it the most — empowering families and working alongside them as they create more resilient communities.

Carlos in Peru is sponsored through Unbound.

Unbound works with more than 300,000 children, families and elderly people of diverse faiths in 21 countries, supporting them as they confront the challenges of poverty and work toward a better life.

Unbound connects people across cultural, religious and economic divides to bring about change in our world. Our work is made possible by the compassion and generosity of nearly 270,000 sponsors.

Sponsors are encouraged to develop personal relationships with their sponsored friends, and have the opportunity to be part of a great adventure of hope and love.

Unbound is an innovator in the way aid is distributed, bringing groups of mothers together as part of the process and empowering them to create strong community connections.

More than 93 percent of all the money we spend goes to program support. In 2013, we sent more than $100 million to the field in support of sponsorship and other programs.

In addition to sponsorship of children and the elderly, Unbound provides scholarships, disaster assistance, micro-loans and more through donations to special funds.