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Meet Prakash

Country: India | Age: 23 | Male

Prakash want to pursue a career in computer applications. He says, "Sponsorship will be a blessing and a destiny in my life. It will mean my good future and happiness. This will inspire me to work harder." Prakash enjoys athletics and takes an active part in his village’s community work. He has six siblings and everyone lives together in their family’s mud hut. Prakash’s mother tends to the chores at home. Working as a farmer, his father struggles to afford everyone’s needs. Food scarcity is a constant reality for their household.
Career Goals:
Computers & Information Technology
Date of Graduation:
Anticipated December, 2017*
Favorite school subjects:
Hindi and English
Playing sports and athletics
Favorite pastimes:
Reading storybooks
December 30, 1990
* Our field staff has estimated this anticipated graduation date to the best of their ability. This date may change due to a variety of circumstances.

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