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Meet Fabian

Country: India | Age: 21 | Male

Fabian hopes to become a social worker. He says sponsorship would be a great blessing, a source of joy and inspiration in his life. Fabian is a talented athlete who enjoys reading storybooks. He has two brothers and one sister. Fabian’s mother is in charge of the house chores and his father is a farmer. To support them further, his mother makes leaf plates to sell and his father finds available labor jobs. His family’s life is hard and uncertain.
Career Goals:
Community & Social Services
Date of Graduation:
Anticipated December, 2018*
Favorite school subjects:
Hindi and social science
Playing sports and athletics
Favorite pastimes:
Reading storybooks
April 1, 1993
* Our field staff has estimated this anticipated graduation date to the best of their ability. This date may change due to a variety of circumstances.

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