November 28, 2023 | Press Release

Unbound announces actor Jonathan Roumie as sponsor of 1 millionth sponsored friend

Star of “The Chosen” and “Jesus Revolution” partners with Unbound to highlight impact of sponsorship

International nonprofit Unbound proudly announces actor Jonathan Roumie as the sponsor of its 1 millionth sponsored friend, a significant milestone for an organization dedicated to the eradication of poverty.

Unbound and Roumie have partnered to highlight the impact of 1-to-1 sponsorship and bring attention to the 20,000 children and elders still awaiting sponsorship across the globe.

“We are honored to have Jonathan Roumie sponsor our 1 millionth sponsored friend,” said Ashley Hufft, the interim president and CEO at Unbound. “Celebrating this milestone gives us an opportunity to look back at everything our sponsors and sponsored friends have accomplished over the years while also looking forward and inspiring others to make an impact through sponsorship.”

Roumie, renowned for portraying Jesus on “The Chosen,” now sponsors a 6-year-old girl from Rwanda, providing financial support for her family and building a meaningful relationship with them through letters and photographs.

“I was humbled to be asked to sponsor the 1 millionth sponsored friend,” Roumie said. “Sponsoring a child is a direct expression of faith. When you have the chance to participate in their life and, to an extent, be able to alleviate some of their suffering, it answers the call to bear one another’s burdens and serve each other through love. I’m excited to spread the word about the good work Unbound is doing and encourage more people to participate in a program that helps so many people around the world.”

During a virtual visit, Roumie came face-to-face with his sponsored friend and her family, forging a heartfelt connection and singing her “Happy Birthday,” as the day they met was her birthday. Through sponsorship, her family will gain access to education, direct financial support, community resources and more. She is the second child Roumie sponsors through Unbound. He began sponsoring a boy from Tanzania in 2019.

Press inquiries may be directed to SyKnese Fields at 913-384-7163 or [email protected]. For photos and videos of Jonathan at the Unbound global headquarters in Kansas City, click here.