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Raise Funds Raise Hope: Youth Group Fundraising

Your youth group can raise money while helping families living in poverty.

Many children living in poverty are awaiting sponsorship. Your youth group can raise funds while helping us find sponsors for them.

Raise Funds Raise Hope is simple and rewarding. We provide your youth group with folders of children waiting for sponsorship. They host a sponsorship table to introduce people from their church or community to sponsorship through Unbound.

For every committed sponsor your group signs up, you earn money to support youth activities, trips, whatever!

This is a great way to not only raise funds, but also help young people act on the Gospel call to serve the poor.

Download our inquiry packet to learn more.


Discover how sponsoring a child together helped two best friends live out their faith and stay connected when they went away to college

Your youth group can
Sponsor a youth

and help change a life.

When your youth group sponsors through Unbound, they bring hope to a child who is brimming with potential but in need of help. For just $36 a month, they can meet the immediate needs of one child and walk with them as they create a path out of poverty. Learn how it works.

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An increase in your monthly contribution helps us keep benefits consistent around the world.

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Contact us if you have questions or need additional information about youth outreach.

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