Unbound's programs are built on a one-to-one sponsorship relationship. As a sponsor, you are directly connected to the person you are helping, and the experience is rewarding for both of you.

We believe the same applies when it comes to spreading the word about Unbound's impactful work around the world. When one person shares about our work with another, both are rewarded and the Unbound community grows.

We invite you to introduce the work of Unbound in your community. It's fun, easy to do and we offer an incentive program for your efforts.

Check out all the ways you can participate:

Fundraise for Unbound

By fundraising for Unbound, you can give your friends and family the chance to make lasting change in the world. A one time or recurring donation to one of our special funds will make an impact on the lives of marginalized families.


Got an hour to spare? That's all we need (but we'll take more!) to spread the message of Unbound at local events and help our friends abroad get sponsored.

Get youth involved

Civic, church and school youth groups can join forces with Unbound to help create opportunity for children and youth living in poverty while raising money for their own events along the way.

Travel with us

With affordable trips to 15 countries, Unbound Awareness Trips offers an experience unlike any other. We invite travelers to enjoy the local culture, meet their sponsored friends and see Unbound's work with their own eyes.

Parish visits

We love to partner with faith communities to help connect their parishioners with a proven way to answer the Gospel call to serve the poor.