Global Outcomes

Elders outcomes

Global outcome report, 2018

The needs of elders living in poverty are different than those for families with children and youth. Unbound’s program is personalized to meet their unique needs, so sponsored elders may live their final years in dignity.

In 2018, Unbound concluded a two part evaluation aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of how the Unbound program works with elders to meet their needs and outcomes as experienced by sponsored elders in the Unbound program.

The responses of 300 elders in the Unbound program were compared to responses from 300 elders on a waiting list for sponsorship. This provided an “apples to apples” comparison of elders in similar circumstances, and provided an understanding of how the sponsorship program contributes to outcomes experienced by elders in the program.

The study focused on access to food and medical care as well as loneliness and social isolation. Results indicate the program contributes to Unbound elders experiencing less loneliness and social isolation, as well as a lower incidence of hunger and greater access to health care.

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