GEW2020 Presentation

What Do I Know? Lessons on Design Thinking, Inclusion, and More from Micro-Entrepreneurs in the Developing World

Jose Rodriguez presented this webinar for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 in Kansas City.

Session Description:

Whether we’re startups or supporters, we all want to build a community where everyone can thrive. But how do our assumptions hold us back? This workshop shares how families overcoming extreme poverty taught me about design thinking, entrepreneurship, and the power of human potential.

We’ll learn from the wisdom of people who are normally left out of the conversation. They have hard-won insight on what makes for a successful entrepreneur and how best to apply scarce resources. Their results may help founders, investors, program administrators, and even everyday families here at home.

About Your Presenter:

Jose Rodriguez serves as regional project director for Unbound’s efforts in six countries in Latin America. He has more than a decade of experience working with families throughout the region, traveling extensively to learn from their experiences and insights. His areas of expertise include conditional cash transfers, disaster response and recovery and entrepreneurship. He lives in Kansas City.