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Give Students Space For Success

Did you know that nearly half of the world’s population still lives on less than $2.50 per day? Studies show that expanding education access in the developing world could help reduce global poverty, but tuition and supplies can be expensive. Aspiring young adults who can’t afford these costs may miss out on pursuing higher education, the key to a path out of poverty.

The Unbound Scholarship Program can be the difference between continuing in school or dropping out.

You can help these students whose educational goals stretch beyond their financial means.

In 2018, the average amount per scholarship was approximately $400. Any amount you contribute gives students the space to work toward their goals, and improves their chances of reducing poverty in their own lives and their communities.

Requirements for Scholars

Unbound scholars serve as role models

Serve as positive role
models to younger children

Scholarship recipients must maintain good grades

satisfactory grades

Scholarship students help in their community.

Participate in community
service projects


Who receives Unbound scholarships?

Local staff awards scholarships based on the applicant’s merit, leadership potential and need. Sponsored and non-sponsored students alike are eligible to apply.

Achievements Unlocked In 2018:

8,447 scholarships

$3.5 million sent in support of
scholarship recipients

Scholarship Program Highest amount we’ve
ever sent in support