Voices of Unbound: Madagascar

This music was born in dusty streets, and in fields that echo the sound of life surrounding.

Its beauty is raw and unregimented—it can't be held captive. Because songs like these have hands. They till the land, reaching closer to the heartbeat of a people. It is a call to feel the vibration of life at ground level.

With borrowed instruments, the environment instills vital breath into each song. Amidst fragile and failing systems, each musician has made their song a celebration, and their once-muted voices represent a new arrival.

This collection is evidence that life is abundant in these humble habitations, and that a response to the questions of our time might lie in these songs and in these places.

The solution has always been there.

And it sounds like music. 

The Voices of Unbound: Madagascar CD was created to celebrate the talent and culture of our Unbound community. The songs in this collection are entirely their own, and passed on to us to share with the world. Proceeds from each sale go to support education everywhere Unbound works.