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Voices of Unbound: Madagascar CD

The Voices of Unbound: Madagascar CD takes you on a journey to the isolated island country of Madagascar, located off the coast of Southeast Africa. The Malagasy people shared their own voices and cultural songs for this unique musical compilation. This CD is the perfect gift for only $10 for any music lover and leaves the listener with a feeling of peace, humility and happiness.

Madagascar CD cover

Unbound coffee blend from The Roasterie

Start your mornings off right with Unbound Blend coffee from specialty coffee roaster The Roasterie.

Located just a few blocks from Unbound’s headquarters in Kansas City, The Roasterie has partnered with Unbound coffee lovers to create a medium-roast blend of Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified beans from Mexico, Guatemala and Sumatra. The result is a smooth and balanced cup of joe with a gentle acidity and notes of orange peel and pear. Net proceeds from sales of the Unbound Blend benefit Unbound’s Scholarship Fund.