Help a child and her family change the world

Unbound helps real people struggling against difficult odds. When you sponsor a child, young adult or elder through Unbound, you invest in individual ideas and initiatives that change lives and help build more resilient communities. Help a strong, capable family working hard to build a better life.

Merlyn, her brother Marck and her sister Dulce play outside their home in Guatemala.

Help a child and her family feed themselves and their community

Your sponsorship helps people feed themselves and their communities. Like Merlyn's father, many in the Unbound community are farmers. With the work of their hands, they are able to grow food for the family — even food to sell in their community.

Merlyn eats outside the family kitchen, where her mother cooks over an open fire.

Help children break the cycle of poverty by going to school

There is nothing more powerful than an educated mind. Help Unbound unlock the potential of people who live in poverty around the world. With the help of their sponsors, Merlyn, her brother and her sister all attend school in Guatemala.

Merlyn's father, Hipolito, helps with homework after a day working in the fields.

Help an entrepreneur in a developing country find seed capital

Your sponsorship provides microfinancing for small businesses around the world. Families of sponsored children pool resources and make loans to one another. Merlyn's father works as a day-laborer but supplements his family's income and food supply by growing crops of his own.

Hipolito works in his field a few miles from the family's home.

Help families keep a roof over their heads and stay safe

Houses in the Unbound world come in all shapes and sizes. Always modest, they give shelter and help families stay safe. Unbound sponsorship means that Merlyn's family can save for critical improvements needed in earthquake-prone Guatemala.

Merlyn’s house has a corrugated metal roof with an improvised gutter system to channel rain away from the family’s bedroom.

Look closer. See potential, not poverty

Unbound sponsorship is about individuals and families helping each other. Unbound sponsorship lifts people up — both the sponsor and the sponsored — in ways that are large and small.

Through sponsorship, Merlyn and her family are working hard to build a path out of poverty. You can help by sponsoring today.