CFCA is our foundation. Unbound is our future.

CFCA is now Unbound

In our ongoing effort to help children, youth and aging people around the world break free from the bonds of poverty, we chose to bring forward a name that better represents the work we do.

Our calling to help people around the world is without limits. We believe our name should also reflect this. And we trust you share this belief.

Launched January 2014

You now see our updated name and logo on receipts, correspondence and other materials.

“Unbound is a continuation of our essence."

"Since the very beginning, the founders of CFCA dreamed of freeing God’s people from hunger, from slavery, from pain. Our calling at this historic moment is to be gentle, balanced leaders in our world."

-Bob Hentzen, President and Co-founder

Just our name is changing

Nothing about the work we do is changing. Our belief in service to the poor remains the same. CFCA was founded by lay Catholics and is rooted in Catholic social teaching. Unbound will continue to be grounded in these beliefs.

Our calling, and yours, is unchanged. Our resolve to connect compassionate people around the world with the people who most need our help has never been stronger.

No changes for sponsors

There is nothing you need to do differently. Your sponsorship(s) remain the same. Use the same mailing labels to write your friend. Your account and payment methods do not need to be updated.