“I focused my mind on education”

How Michael Became a Leader

Watch this video to see how Michael overcame the odds as a youth in poverty and hear his special message for you.

How Michael Became a Leader


“I had no hopes of joining university, no hopes of continuing my education,” Michael said. “But I prayed a lot that someday I’ll find someone who could support me.”

Press the “Play” button above to hear his inspiring story from living in poverty to achieving his potential through the Unbound Scholarship Program. Like Michael says in the video, an education is not a given for children and youths around the world. Shockingly low proficiency rates in reading and mathematics signal a global learning crisis according to the United Nations, and non-proficiency rates are highest in sub-Saharan Africa.

Did you know


  • 8% of school age children in sub-Saharan Africa were not proficient in reading, and 84% were not proficient in mathematics in 2015
  • Early childhood education offers a head start in school and the participation rate is only 42% in sub-Saharan Africa, compared to 95% in Europe and North America
  • Girls face more barriers to education — for every 100 boys out of school in 2017, 121 girls were denied the right to education in sub-Saharan Africa

Source: United Nations' 2019 Sustainable Development Goals Report

Want to help students in poverty lead the way?


The Unbound Scholarship Program can be the difference between continuing in school or dropping out. And Lucy Awino, an Unbound program coordinator in Kisumu, Kenya, says that accessing education is even more difficult now during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she and her team are checking in with scholarship students and designing programs that will help them realize their dreams of a better future.

“The prolonged closure of schools has left many learners idle and caused them to lose focus on their education,” Lucy said. “However, Unbound will continue to provide support for them to reach their educational goals.”

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Scholarship Program

Michael, Unbound Scholar, Kenya
I would love to see more of the African child, more of the Kenyan children, being supported and achieving their dreams. Most of them become hopeless, … become street children, others lose hope, others who are bright are unable to continue with their education because they lack the funds, they lack the support, the moral support… and now because of Unbound I have transformed my life.

– Michael, Unbound scholar, Kenya