Experience An Indigenous Community

Learn about the Dumagat community

Watch this video to visit one of the indigenous communities that we partner with in the Philippines.

Before Unbound partnered with the Dumagat community, they didn’t have any formal schooling because of distance, fear and discrimination. Now Dumagats of all ages are learning how to read and write in an integrated literacy program right in the jungle surrounding their homes.

There are an estimated 370 million indigenous people worldwide. While they make up less than 5% of the global population, according to the U.N., they comprise 15% of people with the fewest economic resources. Unbound works with groups like these around the world, recognizing their considerable contributions like care for the environment and preservation of cultures, while supporting them in their efforts to overcome poverty.

Get an up-close look at other communities where we work around the world in the 360-degree video collection below.

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