Share the impact of Unbound and you could earn a trip to visit your sponsored friend!

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Sign up

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Earn Points

Earn points

Set up a My Outreach page to find new sponsors or raise funds.

Redeem for rewards


Exchange your points for an awareness trip or a donation to an Unbound fund of your choice.


Points Earned

Every $20 raised = 1 point
Each new sponsorship = 10 points
Point(s) Value
1 $1 donated to Unbound fund of your choice^
300 Trip to Mexico, Central America, or Caribbean*
400 Trip to South America*
500 Trip to Asia or Africa*
600 Trip to Mexico, Central America, or Caribbean + up to $800 in airfare
700 Trip to South America + up to $800 in airfare
800 Trip to Asia or Africa + up to $800 in airfare
*Airfare not included
^Points can be donated in any amount to funds supporting causes like homes, health, etc. but may not be designated to a specific sponsored member.

As an Unbound supporter, you are part of a global community of compassion. With your help, Unbound can make an even bigger impact in the world!

The Unbound Global Points program is continuous until points are redeemed.
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**Any gifts rewarded for points are a symbol of the sincere appreciation of the Unbound community for participants' commitment and generosity. No legal obligation is intended to be created on your part or ours. Unbound holds the right to modify, extend, or close the program at any time.