Open up their world with global classmates

Catholic school educators know their mission isn’t just to impart knowledge but to help children grow into compassionate, responsible, faith-filled adults. They look for ways to educate students that keep them engaged in learning while also deepening their relationship with Jesus, the Christian community and the world.

When you partner with Unbound through our Global Classmates program, your students can expand their world and make friends with a student in another part of the world by sponsoring them. They’ll get to know their new friend’s reality and culture, how their lives are different and what they have in common. But most importantly, they’ll be able to help a child and family as they work to build a brighter future.


Unbound is an international nonprofit founded by lay Catholics and dedicated to putting the needs of the marginalized and vulnerable first. With the support of Catholic parishioners from throughout the U.S. and other people of goodwill, we provide financial assistance so that children can receive an education and their families can build for the future.


Somewhere, a child is waiting to meet your students

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Select a child to sponsor from another country and culture.

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Choose the best way to contribute the $40 monthly cost.*

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Have students write their new friend and introduce the class.

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See your students and their new friend grow, together.


*Ideas for sponsorship support:

  • Each child in the class can give a small amount.
  • The class can host a fundraiser — Unbound has some fun ideas!
  • An individual, business or parish organization can be an “angel donor.”

Find a new friend
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Check out our lessons, activities, videos, prayers, faith reflections and other materials you can use to help your students get the most out of their sponsorship experience!


What others are saying

Our mission is to help our students reach their greatest potential so they can serve God and others.  The Unbound program does exactly that, helps our students serve God by helping others halfway around the world.  Thank you to Unbound for giving our students this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.


It [sponsorship] was a way to make the world a smaller place for them. Our understanding of poverty is minimal for a lot of our kids.

— Jenna Shinaberry, kindergarten teacher, St. Joan of Arc School, Toledo, Ohio

We get to know all their favorite things they like to do. We respond to their questions.



Making meaningful connections

A relationship between your students and their sponsored friend will grow through letters, photos and prayer. Watch as sponsored child Archie writes his sponsor about his life in the Philippines.