August 23, 2010

We believe in the wisdom of mothers

Throughout our CFCA communities, mothers are at the center of their families. They are often the primary caregivers and know what their family needs to succeed.

Whether the family is headed by a single mother, the mother lives in a male-dominated society, or the father plays an active role, a strong family with a strong mother at the center is important for the family to succeed. A mother who feels good about herself can give her children the love, support and encouragement they need to succeed in life.

Our programs are designed in true partnership with mothers

"We realized that whenever we called a parent meeting, it was the mothers who showed up," said Peter Ndungo, project coordinator in Nairobi, Kenya. "In our culture, the mothers are the ones [who are] most concerned with the well-being of children, so it made the most sense to work with them."

The concept of small mothers groups originated in India and has spread to projects in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Africa. Through these self-directed small groups, mothers work together to generate ideas and act on them.

Our mothers group model operates from the basic belief that mothers are capable, resourceful people.

Through these small groups, together, mothers define their families’ greatest needs, such as seed money for a small business, educational support or community activism. They organize to meet those needs with guidance and support from our projects.

Strong, stable families

Through the empowering nature of these mothers groups, women are able to share in the well-being of their households. This results in a strong, stable family unit, which is the core of a stable community.

Learn more about how mothers groups work by watching a 4-part video series on women empowerment and family improvement.