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Country: Uganda | Age: 17 | Female

Frida hopes to become a nurse. She says, "We are peasants who depend on the production of coffee, beans, maize and bananas that are grown every season. After harvesting and selling such produce, we are able to meet some of our needs, but still it’s a challenge. ... With this sponsorship, I will be able to uplift my studies and support my guardian in all life’s aspects." Frida enjoys singing and listening to music. She lives with her widowed grandmother and younger brother. Frida helps with the cooking and fetching water. Her family toils to meet all their needs.
Favorite school subjects:
Chemistry, biology and mathematics
She is a musician
Favorite pastimes:
Singing and listening to music.
Other activities:
She assists her grandmother in most domestic work like cooking.
November 21, 1996

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