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Meet Dickson

Country: Kenya | Age: 18 | Male

Dickson aspires to be a primary school teacher. He admires teachers and salutes them, because they have made him who he is academically. Dickson works hard, both in school and at home. He maintains a good position in class and good relationships with his classmates. Dickson has six siblings. His parents are working as peasant farmers. They have a small piece of land on which they plant drought-resistant crops for domestic and commercial use.
Career Goals:
Education, Training & Child Care
Date of Graduation:
Anticipated December, 2019*
Favorite school subjects:
Kiswahili, mathematics and science
Playing football
Favorite pastimes:
Assisting with home jobs
July 18, 1995
* Our field staff has estimated this anticipated graduation date to the best of their ability. This date may change due to a variety of circumstances.

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