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Meet Robert

Country: India | Age: 22 | Male

Robert has a good command of science and likes to help others with their studies. He’s a hardworking student and very much appreciated by his teachers and school authorities. Robert hopes to become a science teacher. Sometimes, he also works to help pay his school expenses. He has three younger siblings. Robert’s hardworking parents depend on agriculture. The crops often fail, due to lack of rain. Occasionally, his mother and father work at the stone mines to earn an income. They stay there for a week, because it’s located about nine miles away from their mud home.
Career Goals:
Education, Training & Child Care
Date of Graduation:
Anticipated December, 2019*
Favorite school subjects:
Physics and chemistry
Playing sports and athletics
Favorite pastimes:
Playing outdoor games
March 7, 1992
* Our field staff has estimated this anticipated graduation date to the best of their ability. This date may change due to a variety of circumstances.

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