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When you sponsor a child, you bring hope to someone who is brimming with potential but in need of help. Sponsor a child today. Change a life forever.

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Alba is a very curious, intelligent and affectionate... read more

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Brayan is a sweet and sociable child. He enjoys... read more

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Sponsor a child

Pushapa likes playing with her friends. She washes... read more

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How sponsorship works

As a sponsor, you are crucial to our mission to walk with the poor and marginalized of the world. Your tax-deductible contribution of $30 per month provides a child with:

  • Essential benefits such as food, clothing, home repairs and health care.
  • Educational needs such as school supplies, uniforms, tuition and other school fees.
  • Recreational activities and Christmas and birthday celebrations.
  • Literacy training and livelihood programs for parents.

Sponsorship benefits vary according to the individual needs of sponsored members and their families, local resources and other considerations.

Letters and photos

When you sponsor a child you'll receive a photo, family profile and a sponsorship packet with other helpful information by mail within seven to 10 business days. Read more

Lifelong impact

Sponsorship lasts as long as your friend is in the program, or as long as you choose to continue as a sponsor. Most of our sponsor relationships last many years and have a lifelong impact on both the sponsors and their sponsored friends. Read more

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