Christmas cards

Christmas cards 2013

Send CFCA Christmas cards to your friends

The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to share CFCA with others. This year, we are excited to offer 11 cards featuring artwork from sponsored friends in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico and Uganda.

The cards are a way for recipients to learn about CFCA. The inside of each card also features the artist who designed it.

A pack of 10 greeting cards is $14.99 plus shipping.* Additional quantities are available.

By sending CFCA Christmas cards to your family and friends, you'll help spread awareness about the work we do. Perhaps one of them will also be inspired to sponsor.

Click here to order the cards, offered exclusively through Café Press.

*Please note that your purchase is not tax deductible.

Frequently asked questions

Can I order these directly from CFCA?

We are very excited about offering the ability to purchase Christmas cards promoting CFCA. Unfortunately, they are only available online through Café Press. This allows us to offer the cards at no cost to CFCA.

Does any portion of the purchase price benefit CFCA?

The cards are being offered as a way for our sponsors and supporters to promote CFCA during the Christmas season. To keep the cards affordable, the purchase price covers the cost of the cards only. There is no cost to CFCA to provide the cards, but we benefit when people share information about CFCA with others – to us, this is priceless.

Is the purchase tax deductible?

The purchase of cards is not tax deductible.

Order cards today!

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