Why sponsor a youth?

Meet Laura

Laura, 17, lives in El Salvador and is sponsored through Unbound. Thanks to sponsorship, youths like Laura are able to complete their educations.

Our commitment to youth

Unbound cultivates humanity to help accomplish dreams. And it’s the dreams of youth that will free them from the bonds of poverty.

Young men and women growing up in poverty know that education is their way out. But all too often it’s out of reach. Too expensive, too hard to get to, too time-consuming when your family needs you to work to help feed everyone.

We sponsor youth to help end this cycle. To break the bonds of poverty once and for all. To allow youth to reach their dreams. To invest in the future leaders of these communities and of our world.

Sponsorship doesn’t end at a specific age. We stay with students as long as they are working to complete their education. For some that’s high school or trade school, for others it’s college, or even professional and graduate degrees.

Your sponsorship bridges the gap

Your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month provides the support students and their families need to enable them to stay in school and build a path out of poverty.

Often, your support will be used to cover tuition, school supplies, or transportation to and from school. Your partnership also may help your sponsored friend’s family afford more nutritious food, pay for medical care, or access livelihood training. And your support always means that your friend is welcomed into a loving network where families are empowered to create more resilient communities.

Your impact is direct and immediate

When you sponsor a youth, you are connected one-to-one with a young person brimming with potential. The local project staff will work to personalize benefits to meet your friend’s specific needs. And you’ll have an opportunity to get to know your friend through letters and photos. You could even travel on an Unbound awareness trip to meet your friend. Learn more about trips.

You can be confident that your sponsorship offers encouragement to those who need it most.

What you should know

Your contribution directly impacts your sponsored friend

Your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month provides benefits and services to your sponsored friend. The local project staff will work with your friend and his or her family to personalize benefits to meet their specific needs. Benefits for youth typically focus on educational support, including tuition assistance, registration fees, transportation costs, books, school supplies and uniforms. The Unbound program staff works with the youth to develop an educational plan and offer special programs to help them achieve their goals. They help the youth cope with challenges they face along the way and provide a variety of services from tutoring to self-esteem workshops.

93.6 percent of Unbound's expenses go toward program support, and we are highly rated by charity watchdog groups.

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Sponsor a youth

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