The journey of a letter

Sponsors often wonder why it takes so long for a letter to reach their friend. We put together this slideshow to help explain the journey letters typically take to reach your friend.   

Move your cursor over the photos to pause the slideshow.

The journey of a letter Let's say you write a letter to your sponsored child and mail it from your home. The letter arrives at the project office thousands of miles away in about seven to 10 business days. Each week the project staff travels to pick up letters at the post office, which can take a few hours. They never come away empty-handed! The letters are sorted and tracked at the project office. Your letter is in there somewhere ... The letter is carefully opened, and the contents are logged and listed on the envelope. The staff removes return address information to protect your privacy. Because of the volume of mail, it can take seven to 14 days to translate your letter. Each month, the CFCA staff serving your friend's community travels to the project office. They handle monthly business and  pick up and drop off letters. They return to their community with your letter. Now the journey really begins! The staff heads for your sponsored child's home to deliver your letter. They may have to travel by foot, truck, boat, or even burro to reach remote areas. They cover long distances over difficult roads and turbulent rivers. The letter finally reaches the local community, where families are eagerly waiting. Your sponsored child is thrilled to receive your letter. She writes back ... and the journey begins again! The end