How sponsorship works

Ana and her family from Guatemala

Creating real change

“I believe in you.” That’s the message you send to a child, youth or aging adult when you sponsor. You offer confidence to the people who need it most.

Your sponsorship empowers families to create more resilient communities. To that end, your $30 monthly contribution provides:

  • Basic needs like food, clothing and shelter for those who struggle every day to find them.
  • Access to school, including tuition, uniforms, supplies and more - an essential step on the path out of poverty.
  • Birthday and Christmas celebrations, and community activities that inspire confidence and build community.
  • Livelihood programs and literacy training for parents that empower families to break free from the bonds of poverty.

We tailor our partnership with each family to ensure that we meet their most critical needs and empower them to become self-sustaining.

Communicating with your sponsored friend

When you sponsor through Unbound, you enter into a partnership that crosses cultural, physical and economic barriers. Your friend wants to get to know you, and we trust that you want to get to know them, too.

As soon as you sponsor a child, youth or aging adult, we’ll send you a photo, family profile and sponsorship packet. You’ll also receive a letter from your friend at least twice a year, and an updated photo every year.

Gladness with her sponsors' photo
  • Your friend will write you a letter twice a year.
  • You will also receive an updated photo each year.

We hope you will write your friend too. Your encouragement means the world to them. Some helpful tips:

  • Make it a goal to write a couple times a year. Maybe on your friend’s birthday, or at Christmas.
  • Your friend would love to receive a photo of you. Often, we find photos of sponsors hanging in the homes of the families we serve.
  • We’ll provide mailing labels to make writing your friend a breeze.
  • If you and your friend don’t speak the same language, your letters will be translated by the Unbound office that works with your friend.
CFCA Scholar, Carlos from Columbia

Lifelong impact

Your sponsorship enables families to break through the bonds of poverty and work toward a better future. For many families and sponsors, this relationship lasts several years and has a lifelong impact on both the sponsored friend and sponsor.

Sponsorship lasts as long as your friend is in the program, or as long as you choose to continue as a sponsor.

Both sponsors and sponsored friends find spiritual growth and a greater sense of self through the partnership. It offers you the opportunity to unite with other individuals, families and communities to work together toward a greater good.

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