Why sponsor a child?

Meet Mahesh

Mahesh, from India, is sponsored through Unbound. Thanks to sponsorship, children like Mahesh are able to attend school, eat nutritious meals and have access to health care.

Offering hope to families

Unbound inspires confidence, and offers opportunity and encouragement to children and families living on the margins of society.

For children living on the margins, life can be chaotic and unsure. Hard-working families struggle to provide even two meals a day, a water-tight roof, a warm winter coat, or the required notebooks for school.

But sponsorship brings hope. Hope that becomes certainty. Working together with their sponsor and the Unbound community, families quicken their steps out of poverty. Together, through tangible help, like supplemental food and school tuition for the child, and job training and microloans for mom or dad, they build resilient families and resilient communities.

And it’s the kids who benefit most. They start a new chapter in life. One free from the bonds of poverty. One full of potential for the future.

Your sponsorship bridges the gap

Your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month provides the support children and their families need to enable them to build a path out of poverty.

Often, your support will be used to cover tuition, school supplies, or school uniforms. Your partnership also may help your sponsored friend’s family afford more nutritious food, pay for medical care, or access livelihood training. And your support always means that your friend is welcomed into a loving network where families are empowered to create more resilient communities.

Your impact is direct and immediate

When you sponsor a youth, you are connected one-to-one with a child brimming with potential. The local project staff will work to personalize benefits to meet your friend’s specific needs. And you’ll have an opportunity to get to know your friend through letters and photos. You could even travel on an Unbound awareness trip to meet your friend. Learn more about trips

You can be confident that your sponsorship offers encouragement to those who need it most.

What you should know

Your contribution directly impacts your sponsored child

Your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month provides benefits and services to your sponsored child and his or her family. The local project staff works with your child's family to personalize benefits to meet their specific needs. Over time and through a combination of sponsorship benefits, education and development of livelihood programs, the family will begin to rely less on sponsorship benefits and more on their own abilities and income-generating activities to provide for their needs.

93.6 percent of Unbound's expenses go toward program support, and we are highly rated by charity watchdog groups.

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