Why sponsor the aging?

Meet Ines

Ines is sponsored through Unbound. In the countries where we work, aging people like Ines often have no one to depend on for their survival. They receive no social security and may not be able to count on family members for support because adult children are often occupied with their own survival.

Offering encouragement to the elderly

"You are not alone." That’s the message you send when you sponsor an elderly friend through Unbound.

Too often, the elderly are marginalized in society, left alone to struggle through the final chapters of their lives. But Unbound is for everyone – young and old, rich and poor, here and there. Our humanity unites us. We encourage and support one another.

Your sponsorship bridges the gap

Your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month feeds the bodies and souls of our sponsored aging adults. Access to medical care and nutritious food fills significant gaps in countries with no safety nets for older adults. And the Unbound community remedies the all-too-common loneliness faced by the aging with support groups, recreational activities and more.

Your impact is direct and immediate

When you sponsor an aging friend, you are connected one-to-one with an elderly woman or man in need. The local project staff will work to personalize benefits to meet your friend’s specific needs. And you’ll have an opportunity to get to know your friend through letters and photos. You could even travel on an Unbound awareness trip to meet your friend. Learn more about trips.

You can be confident that your sponsorship restores dignity and offers encouragement to those who need it most.

What you should know

Your contribution directly impacts your aging friend

Your sponsorship contribution of $30 per month provides benefits and services to your friend. The local project staff will work to personalize benefits to meet your friend's specific needs. Benefits for the elderly usually focus on nutrition and medical care, as well as programs that provide opportunities for aging members to participate in activities that promote social well-being and physical fitness. In some locations, the aging may participate in livelihood programs or learn income-generating skills such as needlework and horticulture.

93.6 percent of Unbound's expenses go toward program support, and we are highly rated by charity watchdog groups.

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Sponsor an aging friend

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