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Sponsored girl's mother names store after sponsor

December 8, 2011

Bhavani and her family, with their shop named after her CFCA sponsor
Bhavani and her parents stand outside the garment store
named after Bhavani's sponsor.

The steadfast support of sponsorship inspires deep gratitude on the part of families in the Hope for a Family program. This gratitude is manifested in different and creative ways.

To express gratitude for sponsorship, Shanti named her garment store in Chennai, India, Rousis Readymade, after her daughter’s sponsors, Barbara and Mary Rousis.

For more than 10 years, Shanti’s daughter, Bhavani, has been encouraged by Barbara and Mary to do her best in school and to learn and practice the classical Indian dance she enjoys. Their relationship grew in gratitude and love.

"She writes such beautiful letters," Barbara said of Bhavani, now 21. "Over the years we have watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman."

Bhavani dreams of becoming an accountant. With sponsorship support and a CFCA scholarship, she is going to school to fulfill her dream.

Bhavani also performs Bharata Natyam, a South India dance that mimics the movements of a dancing flame. Bhavani performs this dance in many CFCA events and has also received awards at several different classical dance competitions.

"I am very happy to perform in CFCA events because these events give me platforms to show my talent," Bhavani said.

When she is not performing or teaching dance, she works with the CFCA mothers group in her community. She enjoys working with the group because she is able to practice her accounting skills. She maintains the mothers group's accounts, which helps Bhavani keep her knowledge fresh.

Bhavani, CFCA sponsored youth and dancer in India
Bhavani, sponsored through CFCA in
India, performs Bharata Natyam. It is
a dance that mimics the movements
of a dancing flame.

Women in India have been involved in mothers groups for 11 years. During this time, local staffs have witnessed their strength and ability.

The mothers gather and participate in meetings, offering suggestions and encouragement to one another. The groups save funds, which are available to the members as low-interest loans.

Because Bhavani is sponsored, Shanti belongs to a CFCA mothers group. She attends meetings and helps raise funds for the group. Once Shanti joined the mothers group, she began saving to open her own business.

Hard work and dedication

Shanti requested a small loan from the group to open her own tailoring shop. After she opened her shop, she repaid the loan and focused on her family's future.

She decided to take out a second loan from the group to open a retail garment store next to her tailoring shop. Shanti named the store “Rousis Readymade” after Bhavani's sponsors.

When Barbara first heard that Shanti had named her business after her, she was completely surprised. "Wow! You're kidding; that's unbelievable!" she said.

Shanti and her family are grateful for their sponsors because they would not have been able to open this store without the benefits of the Hope for a Family sponsorship program.

Through sponsorship, Bhavani is completing her studies and Shanti improved the family's economic situation. CFCA's Hope for a Family program gave them the opportunity to help themselves.

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