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Sponsored friends enjoy a CFCA Christmas

August 28, 2012

Joselin in El Salvador
Joselin, a CFCA sponsored child in El Salvador, proudly displays her
Christmas gifts.

Everyone deserves to feel special. Sponsored friends face adversities that many of us may never encounter. The CFCA Christmas celebrations are important to sponsored friends and their families, and make them feel accepted and special.

Celebrations focus on family and include carefully chosen gifts for the children and elderly. Sponsored friends and their families come together to celebrate and express their love for one another. They feel the spirit of Christmas through sharing with each other and remembering their sponsors.

But don't take it from us. We asked sponsored friends to share their thoughts about the CFCA Christmas celebrations. Here's a sample of their responses.

Always something different

As a sponsored child in the Hope for a Family program, 12-year-old Joselin in El Salvador enjoys the Christmas party because it is different every year. Last year, she heard music and helped break the piñata.

The project served a meal of chicken, rice, salad, tortillas, and, as Joselin said, "[a] very good doughnut" for dessert.

Joselin loved her Christmas gift of a blanket, new shoes and school supplies, including notebooks, pens, crayons, an eraser, pencil, compass and ruler.

A party for everyone

German in Guatemala
German, a CFCA sponsored youth in Guatemala,
enjoys the togetherness of the CFCA Christmas

German, a 17-year-old sponsored youth from Guatemala, is especially grateful for the CFCA Christmas celebrations because everyone has the opportunity to receive a gift and have a party.

"This is a party for those who are not able to have one on their own," German said.

Like most sponsored children, German has faced adversity in his life. His father left when he was small and his mother had to work hard cleaning houses to support the family.

"At Christmas, all my neighbors would wait for their father but mine would never show up," German said. "My mother would say that my father is God, and that is what strengthened me in those moments of sadness."

German recognizes that the generosity of sponsors, including his own, has brought much happiness to the lives of the sponsored children.

"Many people have made this celebration and my gift possible with their donations," German said. "… I am moved to know that these donations are sent so that we may have a moment of joy."

Feeling special

With nine sons and 30 grandchildren, 81-year-old Delfina is young at heart and walks without a cane. She lives with her husband in Guatemala and enjoys the CFCA Christmas festivities.

"All of the activities are fun, but I really enjoy watching the children laugh, play and break the piñata," Delfina said. "It makes me feel like a little girl again."

Delfina and her husband are not able to provide family celebrations at Christmas. Since their economic situation is difficult, they can't afford to give Christmas gifts.

"I thank CFCA and all sponsors for my sweater, the food and the party," she said.

Fostering unity

Delfina in Guatemala
Delfina received a visit from Santa at her Christmas celebration last

The CFCA Christmas celebrations foster unity and friendship, and help create a positive self-image because sponsored friends can celebrate like others who have more material wealth.

The celebrations and gifts are planned and purchased locally and take into account the needs and traditions of the families.

Sponsored friends are grateful to know the celebrations and gifts are from their sponsors, and understand the true meaning of Christmas lies in the spiritual, not the material.

"Christmas is not the gifts or the lights," German said. "It's not the ornaments or the food. Christmas is the love, peace, faith and hope that fill us in this time of year."

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