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Sponsored Kenyan youth share hope with service

April 28, 2011

Sponsored youth in Kenya
Anthony, foreground, and other members of the Warriors
youth group harvest corn in Nakuru, Kenya. The group
donated their harvest to the community.

Teenagers and young adults sponsored through CFCA are discovering the benefits of programs targeted specifically for their age group.

These programs provide youth with opportunities to make a difference in their communities and to channel their boundless energy and enthusiasm in positive ways.

CFCA youth programs in Kenya provide one such example.

"Our youth outreach activities have inspired the greatest actions among youth in the Hope for a Family sponsorship program," said Peter Ndungo, CFCA coordinator in Nairobi, Kenya.

"The youth use their creativity and energy to achieve something that inspires them. The program has given them some freedom to participate in the program activities that most interest them."

Farmers reap more than crops

They call themselves "Warriors."

This group of 30 CFCA sponsored youth from Nakuru in southwest Kenya reflects the true spirit of warriors — warriors working to eliminate poverty.

The Warriors decided to rent a piece of land and plant corn.

"We wanted to give back to the community," Anthony, the group's 18-year-old chairperson, said. "The produce harvested from the land would help us do exactly that."

Each member of the group contributed an amount of money he or she could afford toward the project. The group eventually collected 700 Kenya shillings ($9), enough to rent a piece of land for six months.

With seeds and fertilizer provided by the CFCA office in Nakuru, the enthusiastic young boys and girls started plowing.

"It was not an easy task, and we had to gather enough energy and strength to plow," Anthony said. "The scorching sun above our heads was not making our work any easier. Despite everything, we knew we had to keep pressing on."

Most of the Warriors are still students, so they had to weed and water their crops after classes and on weekends.

Seeds of service bear fruit

Seven months later, the group enthusiastically gathered their harvest. But instead of keeping the corn for themselves, the Warriors came up with a better idea.

Sponsored youth in Kenya
The youth group gathers sacks of corn to
distribute to a children's home and families in
CFCA's Hope for a Family program.

"We decided to donate some of the sacks of corn to a children's home nearby," Anthony said.

The rest of the corn was distributed to nearby families in CFCA's Hope for a Family program.

The CFCA social workers beamed with pride at seeing the youth express the values of community service emphasized in the program.

"As CFCA staff, we have supported the group in their mission," said Beatrice Dero, a Nakuru social worker. "We are glad that they have been busy with the farm. Their idea of giving back to the community is really admirable."

The youth are living out the youth group's slogan: "More hope. More dignity."

"We believe in the youth group slogan," Anthony said. "We believe that by giving back to the community, we are giving back the hope that the CFCA Hope for a Family program has given us. We are looking forward to the next planting season."

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