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Sponsored Kenyan youth kicks his way to success

June 24, 2011

As a young soccer player from the slums of Kisumu, Kenya, Job dreamed about attending the world's biggest soccer event: the World Cup games.

That dream came true for the 11-year-old, who is sponsored through CFCA, in June 2010.

Job, sponsored through CFCA, plays soccer in Kenya
Job, a CFCA sponsored child, is a talented soccer player. He earned
the opportunity to watch the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

As part of a corporate promotion, Job was named one of the best young soccer players in Kenya. In recognition of his accomplishment, he earned the chance to watch the World Cup games in South Africa last year.

As a bonus, he met and shook hands with South Africa President Jacob Zuma.

Everyone in Job's family of seven children is talented in some way, but Job believes he inherited his soccer talents from his parents.

"Both of my parents were good at ball games and singing," he said.

Besides inheriting his parents' athletic talent, he inherited their artistic talent. Job is a talented rap singer, dancer and poet.

With his elder brothers as role models, Job started playing soccer in third grade. He also enjoys watching local and international players, and is impressed by the skills of Ryan Giggs and Wayne Rooney, players for Manchester United, the most successful English soccer club.

Job's parents do not earn enough to support his love of soccer — his father is a street vendor and his mother sells groceries — so Job usually borrows equipment from friends. But sponsorship funds paid for a soccer ball, shoes and shorts.

As a member of a soccer club, Job trains evenings, weekends and holidays at one of the local fields. On game days, he breaks from school to train for at least an hour. Job enjoys playing midfield. Besides enjoying the game, he recognizes other benefits from soccer.

"Soccer is good because it makes the player fit and healthy," he said.

Job has been sponsored for nine years. His sponsor sends him very inspiring and motivating letters. Sponsorship provides Job with medication, nutritious food, school fees, school supplies, school uniforms and games.

The CFCA Christmas and birthday celebrations have given Job his best moments because they are times when he and other sponsored children come together as a CFCA family. He uses his talents in dancing, acting and singing to entertain other children in the sponsorship program. And he learns by watching others with talents he does not have.

Job understands that nothing good comes easily. Instead, he has to work for it. He listens to his teachers and always does his homework so that he performs well in class.

"I am grateful because I feel so inspired in many ways," Job said. "With the support of my sponsor, my family, the CFCA staff and my teachers, I look forward to becoming a professional soccer player someday."

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