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Orphan in Uganda receives support through CFCA

Rosemary, former CFCA sponsored child and orphan in Uganda
Rosemary was an orphaned child in Uganda
when she was sponsored through CFCA.
She completed her university degree and
now works full time with CFCA.

June 25, 2012

Everything Rosemary knew in life came to an end when her parents died.

"The death of both my parents left me in a lot of shambles and the whole of my life was engulfed in misery," she said.

Rosemary, from Uganda, was orphaned at age 6.

Now 24, she has graduated college with a bachelor's degree in economics.

She credits CFCA's Hope for a Family sponsorship and her former sponsors, Jim and Eileen Lowrie, with helping to restore her hope for the future. The CFCA project in Kampala serves approximately 220 orphans.

"What a blessing I got to be a part of the wonderful CFCA family!" Rosemary said.

When Rosemary's parents died, she and her three siblings went to live with different relatives.

Rosemary moved in with her maternal uncle and his seven children.

CFCA sponsorship helps orphans

About 15 percent of the under-18 population
in Uganda, or 2.7 million children, are orphans,
according to UNICEF. The report explains
that most of these children were orphaned
because of AIDS, but deaths caused by
armed conflict and war have added to the

CFCA staff members said taking in orphans
places emotional and financial pressure on
caregivers, who may be responsible for their
own children as well. As a result, staffers
said, orphans can suffer abuse by the same
family members who are supposed to care
for them.

Sponsorship helps ease the financial strain
on caregivers by meeting basic needs of
education, health care, food and clothing.

While sponsorship is never to be a substitute
for parents and family, many orphans often
look to their sponsors for guidance.

The chance of becoming educated disappeared, but Rosemary forged ahead.

"I always assert that life is seemingly what you make it, [with the help of] your creator and generous people in the world," she said.

Her uncle learned about CFCA during a local church service. Through his efforts, Rosemary was accepted into the sponsorship program. The Lowries sponsored Rosemary soon afterward.

Sponsorship provided Rosemary with an education.

Additional support from the CFCA Scholarship Program enabled her to study for a bachelor's degree in economics.

Rosemary found encouragement to continue her studies in the letters she received from Eileen Lowrie.

Statements such as "Continue your good work in school," and "I give you so much credit for all you have accomplished" helped Rosemary stay focused on her education.

"These may look like small statements to some people, but to me, they were always the source of encouragement," Rosemary said.

Rosemary, former CFCA sponsored child in Uganda
Rosemary is now a social worker in Uganda and helps 
sponsored children write letters to their sponsors.

Rosemary now works as a social worker at the CFCA-Kampala project, where she helps with letter writing, benefits distribution, recreational activities and filing.

She tries to serve as a role model for the sponsored children and shares the life wisdom she has acquired at such a young age.

"I tell the young ones that the circumstances of birth and the challenges of life are never permanent," Rosemary said. "It is God's plan that you can be what you never expected. It only calls for hard work and believing in yourself plus the Almighty Father in heaven."

Rosemary wants to pay her younger sister's school tuition to become a doctor.

"Later, I plan to have a stable family and have children," she said.

She wants to name her children after the Lowries' grandchildren.

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