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Mom rises above trials to lead Indian community

March 2, 2011

Farida and Aftab, her son
Farida's sponsored son, Aftab, encouraged
his mother's involvement with the CFCA
mothers group.

After her husband abandoned the family, Farida fell into a deep depression. She spent her days locked in her small room in a rented mud house, immobilized by shame and the fear of facing her community in Delhi, India.

“She was very depressed and had lost all hope,” said CFCA-Delhi Coordinator V.K. Dass.

Concern for his mother led her son, Aftab, to seek help from the CFCA staff. The 16-year-old sponsored boy had developed a trusting relationship with the staff through his involvement in various CFCA activities.

“I decided to share this with the [CFCA] coordinator and find ways to resolve our family problem,” Aftab said. “It worked out very fruitful the way all staff and mothers supported us and made us a part of the CFCA sponsorship program though I belong to the Muslim community. No one made us feel isolated.”

The love of her children, the support of other CFCA mothers, and the skills she learned through the Hope for a Family program transformed Farida into a successful businesswoman, leader and role model.

Assurance and support

The path to success, however, wasn't an easy one for Farida.

“My confidence level was very low because I am a woman who belongs to a very poor family in a Muslim community,” Farida said. “ ... The first time I was not confident to share my family-related issues among them (mothers group members) because I thought that they would joke about my personal issues.”

As Farida spent time with the caring mothers, she began to emerge from her depression.

“The mothers have given me all kinds of assurance and support to overcome my problems,” Farida said.

Farida joined a sewing class at the CFCA resource center, and quickly learned to sew and tailor clothing.

“I started coming to training every day as I was enjoying the company of mothers like my own sisters,” she said.

Transforming her community

After the training she took a loan from the mothers’ group, purchased a sewing machine, and started making dresses and collecting scrap pieces of fabric to make quilts, carpets and blankets.

Farida at work in India
Farida is a successful businesswoman and leader, thanks to the
assurance, support and training she received from the CFCA
mothers group.

She sold her products for a reasonable price, and received a good response from the local community and the mothers group. Farida expanded her work and began selling herbal hair oil and other cosmetic items.

Aftab has seen improvement in his mother’s self-esteem as she increased her skills and provided for her family.

“This willpower and confidence has made her a strong personality,” Aftab said. “It was only possible with the personal care and support of CFCA and all mothers group members.”

Farida’s transformation has even extended to the broader community. She adopted an orphaned street child, cared for him and enabled him to attend school. He now lives with his step-grandmother.

Farida has purchased land and is building a home for her family. This once meek and fearful woman is now a leader in her community.

Thanks to the concern of a loving son, the support of a caring community, and her own determination and hard work, Farida is a beacon of hope for other mothers.

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